IFL Talk Series – Measuring Your Finance Fitness

Overwhelmed by big words like “insurance”, “budget”, and “investment”? You are not alone! The good news is money management does not have to be complex or intimidating. Singapore Polytechnic Library in Collaboration with Institute of Financial Literacy (IFL) has curated a series of financial literacy talks to help you make sense of your money. As the cost of living steadily grows, it is more prudent than ever to consider not just your spending patterns, but to also cultivate a long-term financial plan for the future. Among others, learn to assess your financial health, manage your CPF money, and recognise basic investment concepts and their associated risks. Understanding your personal wealth and knowing how to make the best of it is first step towards becoming confident in handling your personal finances. Join us for a wholesome overview on all things money.

Attend 2 or more of the IFL talk series and stand a chance to win voucher.

Talk Series Info.

For SP Staff, to register:
Access EASys > Local Internal Program > Type “ACAD” at the “Organising Dept” column & hit enter.

OR under “Current Event” in EASys.


For SP students, register here.


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