2018 6th Singapore International 3D Printing Competitions


The Singapore ​International 3D Printing Competitions goes into its 6th successful run in 2018! Launched by the Singapore Centre for 3D Printing (SC3DP) at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore , this competition has an overarching mission to promote awareness and adoption of 3D printing technologies. The competitions are open to the general public (open category) with a top prize of $10,000, as well as tertiary and school students (student categories) with top prizes of $5000 each. ​In line with Singapore’s transition to car-lite transportation, the themes for the 2018 Competitions are 1) Make Singapore car-lite by designing personal mobility vehicles and 2) Mobility devices – a transport solution for the elderly. Click here for more details.

Category Eligibility Prizes
Open category All, regardless of age, gender, nationality etc. Top prize of $10,000
Singapore school student category Students from Singapore primary schools, secondary schools, junior colleges and Institute of Technical Education (ITE). Top prize of $5,000
Singapore tertiary student category Students from Singapore polytechnics, universities and tertiary institutes e.g. LASALLE College of the Arts and Raffles Design Institute. Top prize of $5,000

Please click for the Registration Form and Description Template.

The deadline for the submission is 30 March 2018.

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